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Tree Bracing and Cabling-Pros-Pro Tree Trimming & Removal Team of Palm Beach Gardens

It is necessary to offer structural support to landscaped trees, especially the ones that are in urban areas. This is to reduce the risks that trees pose to property and people. Some trees have structural integrity issues, and removal is not always the best alternative. A branch or the entire tree may be weak making them vulnerable to failures during storms and other external forces.

Sometimes the weaknesses in the tree structure are not obvious. You may need to hire a professional arborist to be checking your trees for these faults and structural support given through tree bracing & cabling is necessary. Should your trees be in this position, then you can use the services of Palm Beach Gardens Pro Tree Trimming and Removal Team company. We are a tree company that is much concerned about tree health and safety.

You can hire an expert to assess your trees if you are so much committed or if you don’t have the experience needed to properly handle the task. Normally, trees are supposed to be assessed at least twice a year, but very stressful situations such as may make them more frequent or even unplanned. Trees that are braced or cabled are those that have faults in the trunk, cavities, unbalanced trees, trees with a poor root system, and those that are affected by diseases.

Some trees are more susceptible to structural failure, and therefore, may need support even if they don’t show any signs of structural failure. If your trees form V-shaped crotches as opposed to U-shapes, trees have many trunks attached to one base and form open canopies, or trees are bearing heavy fruits, these are particularly at higher risks and should be braced or cabled as a precaution to the unpredicted structural failure.

What is the difference between bracing and cabling?

Bracing is a more rigid system of supporting a tree that restricts the swaying or movement of the supporting tree limbs or branches. To achieve it, a steel rod is inserted into the holes drilled in the tree branches to be supported on both ends by bolts. This rigidly holds the branches thereby preventing further cracking.

Cabling, on the other hand, allows for the movements of a tree, and flexible steel cables are used instead. The weak limb is cabled together with a strong one that can offer the needed support. In both cases, an arborist still needs to check the system to see if it was correctly done and intact. If done properly, bracing and cabling can serve for about 10 years without the need to replace them.

As a property owner who constantly makes rounds through your yard, you may notice some signs that clearly tell you that your trees need support, and you don’t have to wait for the scheduled annual assessments. If you have noticed excess swaying of the trees or you hear creaking sound from the tree, then just call an arborist. We will be there to salvage the situation before the unexpected happens.

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